After Effects: Pages & Motion (1 of 2)

January 18, 2014 § Leave a comment

Page Turn Effect:
• Create a composition and put all the pictures you want there
• Right-Click on each of them and click Pre-Compose and Ok. This will fit the picture to our composition and enable us to gain the effect we need.
• Add a “CC Page Turn” effect to every picture in our composition OR you can just put the effect on one picture, create the animation and copy it to the other pictures. ( Fold Radius: 100, Light Distance: +123.0, Back Page: None, Back Opacity: 100, Paper Color: Pale Gray)
• Click on the stop watch of “Fold position”, “U” on the picture and create an animation.
• You can also add a “Drop shadow” Effect to make things more realistic ( Softness: 300, Distance: 20, Opacity: 70% ).
• Finally, adjust the position and time of your pictures in the work area and you are done!



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