Frog Design manifesto review

May 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

Frog Design manifesto review

Frog Design is a global innovation firm founded in 1969. Originally geared towards industrial design, this company has expanded its capabilities dramatically by bringing custom products, services and experiences to the market. Many of its most famous designs are of consumer electronics and computers, yet they’ve done loads of other successful projects in other sectors of the market. Now, I will discuss and criticize this brands manifesto, reveal the pros and cons and state my opinion about it.

First of all, the manifesto itself lacks the color. The companies official website, for examples, looks very lively, full of bright colors and unique design with sharp edges and a beautiful page layout. The manifesto, unlike the website, has an entirely different theme – it’s colorless, the font is like a round, simple drawing and looks a bit childish compared to the websites design. I don’t mean that it’s bad, it just doesn’t connect with their companies original theme and I believe that adding color would at least make it a little better than it is now.

Secondly, compared to the original design, the manifesto looks too simple for my taste. Some elements are not as detailed as they should be. for example their website is detailed and there is practically no space that isn’t being used with the fullest potential. The manifesto, compared to it, looks like a sloppy hand drawing. I strongly believe that despite the lack of color, more detail should be added to the manifesto in order to better present what the company stands for.

On the other hand, the variety different fonts for different words is actually a good idea to show the reader what the company stands for. By changing the text for various words, it’s like an idea to show the reader that the company has a wide range of services and skills available and that could intreage more clients to explore the company. This element is probably the most beneficial part of this manifest and I consider it to be original and a good Idea to show what the company actually stands for – multitasking.

To sum up everything, I strongly believe that this manifesto should be improved. Despite being original and creative, I strongly believe that the design quality has to match the companies website and the original design, in order to give the right impression to the reader. This could be fixed by adding color, maby some shapes or images in the background and working more on the word detail. In short, mach the quality of the website with the manifesto and everything will be allright from my point of view.



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